A New-to-Me Creator I Am Loving

Spring meadow with mountains in the distance

I have realised recently that while I do a lot of writing online, I don’t really have a home where I can share what I love. I write about business, and pets, and products, and a whole host of other things. But I don’t really have a space to talk about what’s going on for … Read more

10 Personal Ways to Happiness

girl hugging a tree in a park

So today I thought I would share all those little things that make me happy. None of these are earth shattering but all of them lift my heart. Of course, they are very personal to me so I would love to hear what brings you joy – please feel free to leave a comment below. … Read more

Happiness Is Now

woman's walking along a beach

I think we can all be guilty sometimes of feeling that we will be happy only when we reach a certain destination. When I lose 20 pounds. When I get that promotion. When I can afford a deposit for a house. <Insert whatever your next goal is> But the truth is that none of those … Read more

So, What’s It All About?

young girl cartwheeling

Woohoo welcome to my new blog. Are you ready to get a teensy bit happier? 😉 The first post of any website always has the weight of the world hanging off it I feel. For one thing, you have a totally blank sheet in front of you and feel like you should write something of … Read more