A New-to-Me Creator I Am Loving

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I have realised recently that while I do a lot of writing online, I don’t really have a home where I can share what I love. I write about business, and pets, and products, and a whole host of other things. But I don’t really have a space to talk about what’s going on for me and to share new discoveries I love.

Going forward, this is going to be that place. I’m taking it back to old-school blogging. You remember the time when people just dropped in to chat. I love reading that kind of blog (there are still some around) and if you do too, this may be for you. ☺ However, even if no-one reads these blogs, it will be a nice little diary for me to look back on.

The Cottage Fairy

So let’s dive in then to the creator I have recently discovered. It’s the Cottage Fairy over on YouTube and I have totally fallen in love with her content. The videos are super relaxing to watch – they transport you to another world. The visuals of Paola’s mountain home in Washington State are stunning, and her style is something that really appeals to me.

It’s not often that I find someone new to watch on YouTube as it’s not somewhere I spend a great deal of time – except perhaps for business – and so this little discovery has made me very happy.

The creator behind The Cottage Fairy is called Paola Merrill and she has a beautiful Etsy store selling her prints. Later this year she is also launching her first book, The Cottage Fairy Companion, and I must admit, this may just have slipped into my Amazon basket on pre-order.

I spend so much of my time focusing on work, that content that ignites my creativity and my love of nature is really a breath of fresh air. In the last few months I have felt very stifled. I think it’s just due to getting out less during and after the pandemic (is there really an after? It doesn’t feel that way) and not being able to spend as much time in nature – or at my most favourite place of all – the beach. It must be at least eight years since I stepped onto a beach, and for someone whose home feels like the sea, that is a long time.

While the Cottage Fairy isn’t set near the sea, she does explore a lot of handcrafts that I used to love as a child and it’s really inspired me to get a little creative again, for no other reason than for joy. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Let me know in the comments if you check out Paola’s channel and what you think.

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